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About me

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Hi I’m Angela – Anj for short.

Cooking for You was inspired by my experience of breast cancer. My treatment left me with debilitating chronic fatigue and, at the age of 41, not well enough to cook for myself.

The learning curve of managing chronic fatigue was steep. Not being well enough to cook from scratch was a real low point for me. I put on weight, I didn’t recognise my body, and was not able to turn to the food I would usually eat.

2021 marked my five year cancer-versary and a turning point in my recovery. I got my energy back and have taken the leap of faith start my own business. Cooking for You provides plant based meals for anyone that wants to eat well. I’m especially interested to reach out and support people that are struggling to cook for themselves.

I have been vegetarian since the age of 14, have had an allotment since the age of 25. I enjoy a diet rich in wholefoods, fruit and vegetables and I love to cook. I want you to enjoy a healthy and varied diet. Order today for the joy of tasty, nutrious food delivered to your door.