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Why eat plants?

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Eating plants is healing. There are many research studies that tell us this. Despite the evidence about how good plants are for us many people are not even eating 5 day which means most of us have room to eat more plants.

We are seduced by the marketing of chemical laden processed foods or as Michael Pollen describes these “edible food-like substances” when we shop the labels on ultra-processed products shout out from the shelves. While the fruit and veg sits on the shelves without attention grabbing marketing messages. Farmers and good old fruit and vegetables have not got a marketing department that can complete with multi million pound food producing giants.

A plant based diet can promote a healthy weight and help to prevent disease, yet this reality is slow to translate into what is on our plates at mealtimes. Eating more plants increases the diversity of nutrients going into to our bodies and it is this diversity that we benefit from.

Plants are nutrient rich and low in calories. Eating wholefoods adds beneficial fibre and that makes us feel full. In contrast chemical laden foods can confuse our bodies and interfere with the messages that tell us we are full.

There is lots of information to explore on the topic of eating well. With many interesting books, podcasts and articles that talk about why eating a wholefood plant-based diet is so beneficial. If you want to read or listen and learn more about this here are a few of my favourite things on the topic:

Good quality, fresh, whole ingredients made into tasty meals is what Cooking for you focuses on. If you want to eat more plants we are here to help to eat well.

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