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What is healthy eating?

What is healthy eating - woman eating a sandwich

We all have to eat. But how much do you think about what you eat? I think most people understand that healthy eating is a good thing. I thought I’d explore what healthy eating can look like and why it is a good for us.

Healthy eating is about having a balance of different foods and nutrients; it is not about ‘dieting’. It might mean being mindful about what you eat. It’s helpful to make food choices that provide variety. We all have foods we love and some of these will be best in moderation - my weakness is crisps! Finding enjoyment in a wide range of foods, not just fast food, can help transform your diet and health.

Eating well can help keep us healthy, reduce the risk of developing a range of health conditions and help us heal. If you have been unwell recovery takes time, and eating well can help you to:

  • Have more energy
  • Feel less tired
  • Manage your weight
  • Build muscle
  • Fight infection
  • Build a strong immune system
  • Reduce side effects or symptoms
  • Improve your mood

I believe eating well can be transformative. It can also be a struggle to make good choices and find the time, energy and inclination to put good food on the table. With so many options out there and with so much information to digest (pun intended) a little can go a long way.

As with many things in life going with the easy option is what we will tend towards. If you are looking to change your diet – making one change a time and trying new things gradually can help. Restrictive eating or making too many changes all in one go is often unhelpful and might be more difficult to sustain.

There are many health benefits to eating more fruits and vegetables. And there is no disputing that eating plenty of them is a good idea! As well as tasting great, fruits and vegetables are versatile, full of essential vitamins and minerals, a range of phytochemicals (naturally occurring plant substances) and contain fibre all of which are good for us.

Sustainability is essential to maintain a healthy planet. With this is mind it’s also helpful to have a diet that has less animal-derived foods and more plant based foods. This way of eating can be beneficial to the planet, animals and our health.

There are clearly many good reasons to eat well. Cooking for You was started to help people to eat well at a time of need. If a healthy meal delivery would help you - I’d love to cook for you. See the menu here.

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