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Plant-based or Vegan?

With February around the corner Veganuary is wrapping up for another year. If it’s not on your radar Veganuary is an initiative promoting eating vegan during the month of January.

I follow Veganuary and have taken part in the past, yet much like other elimination diets it really isn’t for everyone. Being vegan more that a diet alone. It is a way of life that encompasses avoiding animal products in all areas of life from eating and washing to dressing and medicine. For this reason it can be divisive.

vegan donut or plant based meals

Veganuary does a good job raising awareness about reducing the amount of meat people eat. Yet it seems to me it’s also a platform for the promotion of heavily processed meat and dairy substitute products. It is very easy to be an unhealthy vegan by choosing fast food, processed meat substitutes and vegan donuts!

In contrast, the commonly recognised definition of plant-based eating is simply eating proportionally more plants in your diet. Plant-based meals focus on ingredients from plants. As well as fruits and vegetables this also includes herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, grains, vegetable oils, beans and pulses.

When we eat whole foods and plants it does us good; our bodies like it. The evidence is undisputable. More and more research is being published that shows a whole food, plant based diet is good for our gut, helps with reducing inflammation and lowers (even reverses) the impact of a whole range of long-term health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Eating well, and helping others to eat well, is something I care about. It’s why I started Cooking for You. I cook and deliver plant-based meals to help people eat well at a time of need. All meals are vegetarian, most are also vegan and many are also gluten free.

If you’re interested in expanding your plant-based eating horizons, it will be my pleasure to cook for you. Here's is the menu.

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