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Cooking for you | Veg-spiration

  • Do you cook with oil?

    Many recipes condition us into: heat pan, add oil and chuck in ingredients. Yet most of the time this is not necessary. With cooking oil going up in price, and shortages happening, I for one am interested in breaking the habit and have been trying out oil-free cooking.
  • More Food, Fewer Calories

    A new law came into force on 6 April that requires many eateries to state calories on their menus. Yet we get nutrition from food not calories. A calorie count does not show how much salt, protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals or diversity there is in an item. 
  • Fundraiser for Maggie's

    Cooking for You is hosting a Maggie's Kitchen Table Day to support people with cancer. It's taking place on Friday 25 March 11am - 3pm at Yeadon Cricket Club. All welcome!
  • Dietitian vs Nutritionist: what’s the difference?

    Your health is important. If you are looking for help with what to eat you’ll want it to be advice you can trust. Knowing that there is a difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist is required knowledge. 
  • Does healthy eating have an image problem?

    Why is it that so many people do not manage to eat 5-a-day - does healthy eating have an image problem?
  • Plant-based or Vegan?

    Veganuary does a good job raising awareness about reducing the amount of meat people eat. Yet it seems to me it’s also a platform for the promotion of heavily processed meat and dairy substitute products.
  • What is healthy eating?

    We all have to eat. But how much do you think about what you eat? I think most people understand that healthy eating is a good thing. I thought I’d explore what healthy eating can look like and why it is a good for us.
  • How varied is your diet?

    Eating a wide range of foods is great for our health. Try and fit 30 different plant based foods into your week. With a little planning and curiosity a balanced diet really is much easier that it sounds.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness and a radio interview

    I was a guest on the Gayle Lofthouse show on BBC Radio Leeds! Here is a link to listen to the interview Gayle chatted to me about the inspiration f...
  • Eating and loss

    I attended an interesting webinar recently; local funeral directors Full Circle organised for nutritionist Sabine Horner to talk about nutrition a...
  • Do calories count?

    So, what is a calorie? At its most basic a calorie is a measure of energy. It is a unit that can be used to measure any fuel - not just food.
  • Why eat plants?

    Eating plants is healing. There are many research studies that tell us this. Despite the evidence about how good plants are for us many people are...